Ramita Tandon

As Chief Clinical Trials Officer at Walgreens, Ramita Tandon is responsible for leading and driving growth for the company’s clinical trials division, launched in June, 2022. In her role, Ramita will work across the healthcare and life sciences industries to enable next-generation clinical trials so that effective breakthrough treatments reach patients faster. Her team is focused on unlocking value and improving access, awareness and trust by efficiently matching diverse patient populations to trials, reducing trial operational complexities and patient burdens, as well as capitalizing on Walgreens’ deep patient insights and leveraging real-world data from owned and partner assets. Ramita brings more than 25 years of leadership and operational experience across a portfolio of industry-leading businesses and services in real-world evidence and patient-centered health outcomes. Prior to joining Walgreens, she was the Chief Operating Officer at Trio Health and Executive Vice President, Commercialization and Outcomes at ICON. As a transformational leader, she is passionate in her belief that a best-in-class operating model employing insights and innovation can deliver gains in operations and forge stronger connections with all stakeholders, including biopharmaceutical companies, healthcare systems and payers. She was a recipient of the 2018 PharmaVOICE Top 100, recognized for her contributions to bring visionary and pioneering ideas into the clinical R&D landscape and product lifecycle to optimize biopharmaceuticals’ product value. Ramita is an internationally recognized speaker and author focused on how to bridge the gap between commercial and clinical development, and is a graduate of the University of Michigan and the Boston University of School of Public Health.