Extreme Innovation in Healthcare.

ApplySci’s 14th Wearable Tech + Digital Health + Neurotech conference returns to MIT on APRIL 8, 2022.

Top researchers, supporting agencies, regulators, payors, pharma, biotech, and device companies, major health systems, bleeding-edge startups, investors and philanthropists will discuss advanced technology, applied to healthcare.

Join us as we present the latest digital medicine tools and data strategies to improve the way health is predicted, diagnosed, monitored and extended.

Sensors are more accurate, less power consuming, and affordable.  AI has moved from the labs of Marvin Minsky, Geoff Hinton, and Yann Lecun, to accessible technology that is transforming not only healthcare, but cars, buildings, the workplace, and the world.

What’s next?

  • 5G-enabled remote monitoring, and even surgery
  • AI-driven cancer and other diagnoses at a much earlier stage — up to 5 years before mammogram results in breast cancer
  • Invasive, and non-invasive, brain stimulation and brain-computer interfaces with fewer side effects, and natural sense-restoring (and enhancing) capabilities
  • Novel methods for drug discovery, paired with sensing devices to increase effectiveness
  • Games, AR, VR, apps, and wearables in mental illness, cognitive decline, ADHD, and autism
  • The microbiome and the gut-brain connection
  • Innovative drug delivery — including insulin from a pill
  • A new generation of chemical and electro-organic sensors
  • Organs on chips
  • Models of gene knockouts, transforming drug discovery from animal and human studies to computer simulations
  • Real-time, almost fully automatic, life-saving, medical intervention decisions, via advanced digital signal processing and biomedical sensing
  • The next generation of computer vision enabling large, diagnostic machines, such as fMRI, to produce more accurate and novel diagnoses
  • The ability to see (and fight) neurodegenerative disease at a much earlier stage

From  the early detection of disease, to unobtrusive tracking of health, to the latest brain computer interfaces, ApplySci’s 14th Wearable Tech + Digital Health + Neurotech Boston conference will continue its focus on the radical reinvention of healthcare.


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    Wearable Tech + Digital Health + NeuroTech Boston

    October 28, 2021 – MIT

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    Wearable Tech + Digital Health + NeuroTech Boston

    October 28, 2021 – MIT

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