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    Deep Tech Health + Neurotech Boston

    September 30, 2022 – MIT

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    Deep Tech Health + Neurotech Boston

    September 30, 2022 – MIT

Led by scientists; driven by innovation

ApplySci’s 14th Deep Tech Health + Neurotech conference returns to MIT on September 30, 2022.

Join as as we discuss the transformation of healthcare.

From ingestible robotics for drug delivery, to wearable stickers for heart, breath, sweat and brain monitoring, to technology for more effective clinical trials, our speakers will lead discussions on how to better detect, monitor, and treat disease, and manage health.  We will discuss augmenting organ function; innovations in prosthetics; targeted drug development; and diagnostic AI. Brain-focused sessions will explore brain computer interfaces, from endovascular implants to noninvasive EEG and opto-electronic devices; earlier detection of neurodegeneration; non-invasive epilepsy detection; VR, AR and digital therapeutics.

Topics include:

  • Slowing and reversing aging
  • The new preventive care paradigm
  • Saving lives through AI
  • A panel of deep tech health investors
  • Next generation remote healthcare
  • Causes of neurodegeneration
  • Sensor-driven diagnostics and treatment
  • Broad spectrum brain technologies
  • Personalized mental healthcare
  • Healthcare in the metaverse
  • Digital biomarkers
  • Robots at home
  • Enhancing our senses
  • Clinical trials of the future
  • A special interview with Bob Langer on mRNA, the pandemic, and the future

Attendees include investors; large and diverse technology companies; startups; pharmaceutical companies; health systems; regulators; funding agencies; and interdisciplinary researchers creating the healthcare of tomorrow.

ApplySci will have exclusive use of the 7th floor of the MIT Samberg Center, and its large terraces.  Registration is limited. Terrace doors will remain open for ventilation, and meals will be served outside.  Masks will be required indoors.

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