Sensor glove identifies objects

MIT’s Subramanian Sundaramhas developed a sensor glove that identifies objects through touch.  This could improve assistive robot performance and enhance prosthetic design.The cheap “scalable tactile glove” includes 550 tiny, pressure-capturing sensors.  A neural network uses...

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Atrial fibrillation-detecting ring

Eue-Keun Choiand Seoul National University colleages have developed an atrial fibrillation detecting ring, with similar functionality to AliveCor and other watch-based monitors. The researchers claim that the performance is comparable to medical grade pulse oximeters....

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Wearable sweat sensor measures cortisol levels

Stanford’s Alberto Salleohas created a  patch that continuously monitors cortisol levels in sweat.  Potential uses include sports performance measurement, early disease detection, adrenal and pituitary gland monitoring, and evaluating the emotional state of young...

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